"Welfare states, policies and the life course: regulating risks and shaping trajectories"

Stream at ESPAnet Conference in Warsaw, 7-9 September 2023

Convenors: Simone Scherger (University of Bremen) & Hannah Zagel (WZB Berlin)

Submit your abstract by 14 April 2023 through:

Last update: February 29, 2024

(28-30 August 2024, Tampere, Finland)

Deadline: 25th of April 2024 23:59 EEST (UTC+3)

Dear Colleagues, 

We are happy to announce that the call for paper abstracts for the 22nd ESPAnet Annual Conference is now open

The full list of streams is available at our website

The deadline for submission of paper abstracts is 25th of April 2024 (EEST).

We are accepting abstracts only through the conference management tool (Ex Ordo). To submit an abstract, please create an account in the conference management tool and follow the step-by-step submission process:

In the submission process you will be asked to:

  • provide your affiliation,
  • indicate the TRACK (=stream) you wish to apply for,
  • provide an abstract of up to 500 words,
  • name (co-)authors, provide their e-mail addresses, and indicate if they plan to
  • attend the conference and/or present the paper (if accepted).  

Following ESPAnet rules, you will be asked to confirm that you will submit a full paper, on time, in order to be able to present during the conference (if accepted).

At the end of your submission you will be asked to indicate the type of paper you are submitting (TOPIC). Please choose one of the following options:

  1. empirical: quantitative study
  2. empirical: qualitative study
  3. empirical: mixed methods
  4. theoretical contribution
  5. methodological contribution
  6. other

If you are submitting an abstract of an empirical paper we suggest you include the aim of the paper, data and methods used as well as the summary of major results. 

Abstracts will be ranked by the respective Stream Convenors, but it is the Conference Organizing Committee that will inform successful applicants by 15th of May 2024.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Minna van Gerven and Mia Tammelin, 

On behalf of the ESPAnet 2023 Organising Committee

Note: The possibility of submitting proposals for pitch your book sessions and pitch your project posters will open 1stMarch, 2024 (for details see the Timeline)

Last update: February 29, 2024

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